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BOOM MMA - Indian Premier Fighting League 


BOOM MMA Indian Premier Fighting League, the leader in Mixed Martial Arts Championship in eastern India, is a complete package of thrill & excitement of professional mixed martial arts bouts for you. This is the ‘first of its kind’ of Premier Fighting event where fighters compete at quarter finals, semi finals and finals in one event!

The BOOM IPFL has eight teams, each consisting of 8 fighters who fight to bring glory to their team and become the undisputed IPFL Champion of the world.

A minimum of 5 events take place every year on behalf of BOOM MMA IPFL. Each event continues for 1 or 2 days (day 1 - preliminary rounds & day 2 - Showdown). Every event has an elimination tournament of one particular weight class and the winner of that tournament is crowned as champion. 5 events, 5 different champions. Plus, a prize money of minimum ₹1,00,000 is given to fighters based on their performance.

The Team

Bengal MMA Tigers:

This team is a predator with Ateet Kelvin Gupta as it's Captain. Bengal MMA Tigers gives tough competition and it's players have won several State Level Championships.

Mumbai Supremos:

With tough warriors who give high Octane fights, this team of fighters is out to win.

Manipur Top Team:

This leading North Eastern team gives the audience the kind of fight it craves.

Patna MMA Titans:

Strength and integrity make Patna MMA Titans a crowd favourite. They can hit hard, take punches and keep coming.

Bhubaneswar Panthers:

This team is a great crowd puller with fearless fighters in its stable. They have their eyes set on the Title Belt.

Assam Warriors:

Ferocious and unpredictable, the den of Assam Warriors brings a whole new level of combat skills to the Mixed Martial Arts World.

Sikkim Vanquishers:

This hybrid and supercharged team of MMA fighters has ninjas and exotic Martial Arts in their arsenal.

Pune MMA Dragons:

Pune MMA Dragons boasts of a team of extremely talented and skilled fighters hardwired to go on.