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About TFCC

About TFCC


Fitness & Combat Chronicles is an ambitious monthly news magazine (like Cafe Chronicles, for example) of 16 to 20 pages covering the genres of Sports, Fitness, Self Defense, Nutrition, Women Empowerment and Martial Arts.
Reach & Potential

It is the first ever news magazine of its kind that covers the schedule of all combat sports State level tournaments. It informs & enlightens the readers as to where and when the state championships of MMA, Karate, Judo, Wrestling, Grappling, JKD, Kurash, BJJ, Boxing, Kickboxing, etc. are going to take place, and hence gives the audience time to prepare and know more about it. At present, there is no other medium (including Google) for offering such insight. By next year, more than 1438 Karate Dojos, Wrestling Pits, Judo Clubs, Boxing Rings and fitness centers would have signed up to receive, display and provide all the details regarding their tournaments, sports news & events.

We plan to print about 5000 copies for our 1st volume. Each of the associated centers will receive three copies for monthly display and will be charged a mere Rs. 10/- per additional copy for their private and personal use.
Repeated Exposure

Copies of Fitness & Combat Chronicles will be in display for an entire month on tables, weight racks, changing rooms, lounge or waiting rooms, and that would enable it to reach a large number of readers with just one copy, as well as the same reader multiple times. Since the realm of fitness, sports and wellness is a huge market, this Fitness & Combat Chronicles is a perfect choice for generating leads or reaching the desired audience closely related to Fitness, Martial Arts and other Combat Sports. Fitness and Combat Chronicles is also the exclusive medium which covers championships like Boom MMA IPFL, UFC and Interviews from The Fan Garage, MMA Madhouse, as well as has associations with Sherdog, Tapology, Abid Hassan Delegate from Bangladesh & the like.

Effective Advertising:

A major factor of Fitness and Combat Chronicles’ advertising efficacy is the relative interest of the audience. Our readers typically have strong interest in the theme and topic of our chronicles. The products and opportunities showcased in this magazine are ongoing due to repeated exposure.