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Kick Boxing

Kick Boxing

Kickboxing is most frequently used in MMA while standing. Kickboxing combos are also a great way to set up a takedown or perform what is known as a ‘Shot’ in wrestling. And once the opponent is down, it’s time to “ground and pound” and use BJJ to finish the fight.

Since all fights are started standing having good kickboxing skills is definitely a formidable weapon.

Kickboxing at Taponomics is at another level compared to those that are taught in parks and private studios.

Our athletes compete at State and National kickboxing championship every year (Bengal’s State Kickboxing Championship which takes place at Jadavpur University annually) where the best kickboxers from all over Bengal participate to become the State champion. Those securing Gold and Silver medals are selected for Nationals, and our Taponomics athletes have won Gold medals there too. This is simply due to our unique approach to the subject – we infuse state-of-the-art weight training equipment, cardio, stamina, and endurance training because mostly the championships are won by points rather than knockouts and an athlete with better endurance and more muscle power has a huge upper hand over an average kickboxer who does not have experience in weight lifting, strength, and conditioning, endurance training or adequate safety gears to train with full power and that too, without injuries.