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Taponomics is a pioneer of Mixed Martial Arts in Kolkata. From 2003 to 2011, we challenged all the karate, taekwondo, judo, and Kung Fu black belts for one-to-one bare hand combat. Whoever accepted the challenge was defeated within minutes. The result was same over and over again because they simply used one form of martial arts and we used the whole array of mixed martial arts, from wrestling to Muay Thai, boxing to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, karate to grappling, everything that is legal in one or the other form of martial arts. We include what is useful and leave the rituals and katas for warm-up or as a reference. Simply put, we respect all forms of martial arts and hence mix them up.

So what started in 2012 as the first Taponomics MMA gym (Topsia), the first and only place where a boxer, or a Streetfighter, a karateka, judoka, bodybuilder, kung-fu guy, etc could fight each other under same weight, became the most trusted chain of professional MMA gyms in Kolkata.

While acting as a fight club, Taponomics produced some of the best fighters in the state of West Bengal, and then as Sony ESPN started showing UFC, movies like Never back down, Brothers, Sultan, etc became hits, and our city became more aware of MMA, Taponomics too reached new heights and produced fighters that fought all over India and abroad and brought glory to our country.

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About Taponomics

Taponomics Combat Championship Pvt Ltd (TCC PVT LTD) is a multidisciplinary wellness, sports-media outlet and sports consultant & management group. We are one of the quickest developing brand in the realm of combat sports and fitness. Its multiple departments & divisions make it one of the few companies capable of controlling a noteworthy piece of the market in Fitness and Combat Sports Media Industry in West Bengal.